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Ilya Lifanov

February 27, 2015 · I ·  photographer


If you want to know the way I look like – please, see above.
My name is Ilya Lifanov, I was born in 1982, Moscow. I started photography in 2003 and since that time I can’t live without it.




If you’re interested in technical side I can tell you that I’ve been using Pentax k10d for a long time. I loved my very old wide angle lens (15mm), used 50mm and a nice portrait lense (55-135/2,8). At the moment I’m shooting with Nikon d800 with a single lens Sigma 50/1,2. Using single (but perfect lens) occurs to be rather challenging and motivating, I really enjoy this time.




I can’t tell you what exact genre or style is of the most interest for me, I really believe that only the final picture matters. You succeed if a picture hooks you, whatever it is – a coverage or art photography.

I’ve been shooting mainly landscape and city for many years, but I’m more interested in people nowadays. I want to look at them and capture what are like this day, how do they live in perspective of their private life and a whole history.